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We are located on the west side of Tucson a few miles from the beautiful Saguaro National Park West. Our instructor’s teach various disciplines dressage, Cowboy dressage, Working Equitation all the way to just trail riding. We have very well rounded horses that can be ridden English or Western. We do not limit anyone or any horse to one discipline. We believe well rounded, balanced riders and horses are very important.

We offer our training with us or at your home. For rehabilitation cases, house calls are usually best to start out with. We do what is best for the horse and owner. 

Our two legged team consist of Aimee, Ross, and Hanah.

Aimee grew up in Germany with background in English riding. Dressage and jumping. After moving to the US, Aimee discovered Endurance along with Western Disciplines and has successfully competed in Western Pleasure, Cowboy Dressage, Team Sorting and Working Equitation.

Ross has always had a love for Horses starting when he was a child going to summer camps. He has since surrounded himself with horses and educated himself on working with horses along with the various disciplines.

Hanah is our youngest member of the team. She was born into the horse family and absolutely loves all the horses. She loves working her horses in the round pen and riding.

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Our Two Legged Team: About Me
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