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We offer private and group lessons. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation for whatever discipline you may choose. We emphasize safety on and off of the horse along with a well balanced seat and the proper care for a horse before and after riding. We believe learning all the basics around the horse is an important fundamental to be successful.

Training & Rehabilitation

We offer training to horse and rider. We believe building a healthy trusting relationship between horse and rider is very important from Groundwork to whatever discipline you choose. We offer training from Groundwork, to saddle breaking, behavioural issues as well as rehabilitation assistance.

Day Camp

We offer Day Camps for children to be around the horses and learn as much as they can learn. From grooming, to leading a horse and working them on the ground to in saddle lessons. We also teach all the little things like proper terms for tack, horse gaits, and so much more in a fun and safe environment.

Please inquire on Camps as these are limited number and held during certain times of the year.


Meet the Team



We are located on the west side of Tucson a few miles from the beautiful Saguaro National Park West. Our instructor’s primary disciplines are dressage, jumping and endurance but not limited to just those and known to explore other disciplines including Cowboy Dressage. We have very well rounded horses that can be ridden English or Western. We do not limit anyone or any horse to one discipline. We believe well rounded, balanced riders and horses are very important.

We offer our training with us or at your home. For rehabilitation cases, house calls are usually best to start out with. We do what is best for the horse and owner.



5948 S Sandario Rd,

Tucson AZ, 85735

Tel: (530)-515-3026

Summer Hours:

Mon - Sun 6 AM to 9AM

                  5 PM to 7 PM

Standard Hours (non summer):

Mon-Fri 8 AM - 7PM

Sat-Sun 9AM - 5PM

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